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A Pandemic Has Made Me A More Present Parent

To those parents out there still working outside the home, stocking shelves or taking care of patients, patrolling our streets or delivering our mail, I first wanted to thank you. Unlike those every day heroes, I am now one of millions of people working from home. While it has taken me a week or so […]

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Speaking to Our Children in Uncertain Times: How to Navigate Tough Conversations

I think it is safe to say that we are all currently experiencing an overload of emotions and there is no doubt that our children are feeling our energy. The fear, uncertainty, and planning for what-ifs is a lot to sort out for us adults. COVID-19 has been a part of daily conversations in homes, […]

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We’re All Here All The Time: Tips From A Stay-At-Home-Mom With A Work-From-Home-Spouse

My husband is self-employed. What that used to mean was that he got to work in his pajamas while I dressed and scooted off to my windowless office every day. When we made the decision for me to leave my job and be a stay-at-home-mom, we didn’t anticipate how much it would change both our […]

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Fostering Independent Play in an Effort to Not Lose My Mind

My kids are decent at playing alone when I’m out of sight. If I’m switching out the laundry, folding clothes, or putting them away… okay, that’s basically it; those are the only activities I can do where the kids will give me space. I’m about 3 minutes away from dragging a chair into the laundry […]

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