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“Gotta Go, Gotta Go” and Other Common (and Embarrassing) Urinary Issues

I hear about them on a daily basis. Bladders that leak, burn, spasm, and overall misbehave. Symptoms can range in severity from simply annoying to completely devastating. As a urology nurse practitioner I hear it all, and I empathize with women who experience urinary issues… and that number of women is higher than you might think! […]

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Simple Ways to Help Kids Build Social Skills

I get a little embarrassed when I’m in public with my kids and strangers kindly make conversation with them. They respond by blatantly turning their heads away and acting as though they are mute. I know they’re not. They talk all the time. Seriously, nonstop. I don’t blame them entirely, they’re newly three, and I […]

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Failure to Thrive: Journey with an Underweight Child | Duluth Moms Blog

Failure to Thrive: Journey with an Underweight Child

I was checking the date of my daughter’s next appointment in her online medical record account and there it was, “failure to thrive”. It was listed in black and white under her current medical problems. I knew in my head that it was just describing the fact that her weight had slipped below the 1st […]

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