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Living Day-to-Day: Navigating Mental Health After Trauma

After the birth of my fourth child, I had an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. I wrote in a previous post about it in case you are unfamiliar with the rare phenomenon. Coming home was terrifying because I was battling (and still battle with) short term memory loss (I’m a real life Dory!) and a litany of […]

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Cancer: Say The Word, Spread The Word

Cancer sucks. I wish I were more eloquent but: cancer sucks. It has been both my personal and professional experience that not only does it suck, but it’s also a thief! A cancer diagnosis and the associated treatment(s) (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) can rob one of their energy, their health, their confidence. Relationships and roles change […]

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Go Float Yourself: A Salty Escape in Float Therapy

I’ve always been obsessed with mermaids. Maybe it’s the strawberry in my blonde hair, channeling my inner Ariel. Maybe it’s that I’ve always loved manatees too, the creatures oft mistaken by seafarers as mermaids in days long ago. Weightlessness, being totally buoyant, these things became more alluring when I was pregnant with both of my […]

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“Gotta Go, Gotta Go” and Other Common (and Embarrassing) Urinary Issues

I hear about them on a daily basis. Bladders that leak, burn, spasm, and overall misbehave. Symptoms can range in severity from simply annoying to completely devastating. As a urology nurse practitioner I hear it all, and I empathize with women who experience urinary issues… and that number of women is higher than you might think! […]

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Slowing Down for Sex: Making Intimacy a Priority in Marriage

I grinned cheekily at my husband, his golden hair mussed, his cheeks slightly flushed from the exertion of moments earlier. I looked at the clock. Yep. We were going to be late again. We repeated this drill nearly every Sunday morning for five years; to the extent that my girlfriends would avert their eyes in order […]

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Creating a Positive Self Image for My Daughter

Sorry, not sorry, for all the transformation posts on my Facebook page.  You see, I’m not doing it for attention or all the comments–positive or negative–I am doing it to be a role model to my children, especially my daughter, and show them that, regardless of shapes and sizes, all bodies are beautiful.   Where […]

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