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Parenting a Blended Family

I was driving to the grocery store with my husband’s daughter one morning. He wasn’t actually my husband then, and she was a squeaky-voiced elementary school girl who was with us for her weekend visitation. It was summer in Kansas City, but early enough in the morning that the heat and humidity hadn’t completely sapped […]

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Simple Ways to Help Kids Build Social Skills

I get a little embarrassed when I’m in public with my kids and strangers kindly make conversation with them. They respond by blatantly turning their heads away and acting as though they are mute. I know they’re not. They talk all the time. Seriously, nonstop. I don’t blame them entirely, they’re newly three, and I […]

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Members Cooperative Credit Union: Home-Buying Made Easy

This post is sponsored by Members Cooperative Credit Union, but the events and opinions written within are my own.All right. Are you sitting down while you read this post? Because I don’t want to inadvertently make your blood pressure spike or cause you to break out in a cold sweat. Both of those things used […]

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