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On Making Excuses: Procrastinating Mamas Unite!

It’s the evening before my monthly Duluth Moms Blog article is due. It’s later in the evening, about 9 pm. Ask me if I’ve started my post? Seriously, just ask. Welp, the answer is a big fat negative-NO. Nope. Nada. This is it… my first paragraph. Of course, I could easily explain make excuses as to why I’ve […]

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My Favorite Gender Reveal

You buy a test. You pee on the stick. Wait, for what feels like the longest 2 minutes ever. Then you see those two little lines. You’re pregnant! And then enter all the emotions. If your brain is at all like mine, after you see that positive pregnancy test a thousand thoughts and questions fly […]

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2018 Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite Duluth Mom Today!

2018 Duluth Mom of the Year! You already know her. She's the mom who is likely short on time. She could be ultra organized or completely scatterbrained. Her kids are perfectly poised or total monkeys. She either manages the house, a professional workload, extra community engagement or she just makes it through the day. Perhaps [...]
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