Dryco Restoration Services: Magic for Your Home {Sponsored Post}

A big thanks to Dryco Restoration Services for sponsoring the following post and giveaway.

Dryco Restoration Services: Magic for Your Home {Sponsored Post} | Duluth Moms Blog 

It’s (finally!) early spring which means I start to get The Itch.

Completely absent the rest of year, the sudden need to scrub, sanitize, organize, and purge my home of dirt, grime, broken toys, stubby crayons, and a million and one Target dollar bin finds I just HAD to have kicks into high gear. I methodically go through closets, have my girls help fill boxes of things to donate, and pat myself on the back for another spring cleaning well done.

But a few years ago, when my oldest was just a baby, my family lived in a small rental house built into a steep Woodland neighborhood hill. The spring thaw meant more than just opening up the house and ridding it of the winter’s mustiness. The melting snow ran in rivulets down the street and pooled in our driveway. When it rained, the drains in the concrete were quickly overwhelmed and water would seep into the foundation and trickle steadily into our basement.

It warped the wood and slickened the stone walls. Despite the constant running of fans and dehumidifiers, the floors remained wet for weeks on end. We were at a loss, literally. We were losing storage items to water damage, and worse: to mold. We resealed the walls and floor, we aired out the rooms whenever possible, but everything we tried was a temporary solution. I dreaded the rainy season and constantly felt a cloud of stress (and mold!) hanging over my attempts at spring cleaning.

When we purchased our first home in Lakeside, a dry basement was priority numero uno. We found a charming old home with “good bones” that had been been lovingly up kept by its previous owners. Still, we now know that accidents, emergencies, and damage can happen instantaneously.

Dryco Restoration Services: Magic for Your Home {Sponsored Post} | Duluth Moms Blog

That’s where Dryco Restoration Services comes in. Dryco, a family-owned Northland business since 2009, is standing by with 24 hour restoration and reconstruction services, 365 days a year. If my family–or yours–should face issues of home damage due to burst water pipes, overflowing toilets, fire or smoke damage, mold, sewer backup… or just about every “worst case scenario” imaginable, Dryco has our backs. They come, they conquer the seemingly unconquerable, and they’re super friendly about it, too. The Dryco team know you’re stressed to the max and they’re happy to lift your burdens from you because they’re truly focused on maintaining excellent relationships with their clients.

Use Dryco once, and they’re betting you call to use them again (but hopefully for some of the more routine, non-emergency services they offer, like carpet or tile cleaning!).

An exemplary company, Dryco is committed to improving the homes and health of not just their customers, but the Duluth community at large. On April 14th, Dryco is hosting a family friendly event, “A Night of Magic and Comedy with Jonathan May”, at Clyde Iron Works from 5:30-8pm. All proceeds from the event are being donated to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank’s BackPack Program, which provides over 900 backpacks full of food for area children who may not have enough to eat outside of school hours.

Dryco Restoration Services: Magic for Your Home {Sponsored Post} | Duluth Moms Blog

The evening promises to be full of fun for families. Attendees can fill up on delicious food and drinks from Clyde Iron Works and chat with friendly representatives from the Dryco team. Round up your fam and stop by to enter drawings for exciting prizes like SuperOne gift cards, or annual passes to area attractions, like The Adventure Zone and The Children’s Museum. And of course, go to enjoy the main event: a spectacular show put on by Jonathan May, whose magic and comedy routine has delighted international audiences for over 20 years.

Tickets are priced perfectly for families at $10 for adults and $5 for children. You can get yours at Clyde Iron Works, Burgraff’s Ace Hardware, or on Eventbrite. Want to try your luck at winning a family 4-pack of tickets? Dryco is generously offering one lucky Duluth Moms Blog reader a chance to enjoy their “Night of Magic and Comedy with Jonathan May” event by simply entering the giveaway below. Good luck, and I hope to see you there!


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