{Sponsored Post} FIT4MOM Classes: A Foolproof Way to Make Friends and Keep Fit

Thank you to FIT4MOM for inviting Duluth Moms Blog to check out their Stroller Strides Classes! They provided the opportunity, but all opinions are our own.


{Sponsored Post} FIT4MOM Classes: A Foolproof Way to Make Friends and Keep Fit | Duluth Moms Blog

I am the quintessential bandwagon slacker when it comes to working out. I join in on something, enjoy it for a while, and then fizzle out. It happens to the best of us, but it’s so frustrating sometimes! Every time I wanted to work out, I would look for a friend to go with me, and I had people who wanted to, but they all had kids and schedules. I totally understood, but it was hard to keep my initial excitement for workouts.

These days, I find myself in a wonderful new stage in life: staying home with a new peanut! I love all of my time at home, but I ZERO motivation to work out. I’ll go out for walks, which is good, but lets be honest, I have to do a TON more than that. I may not have a postpartum belly, but I do have a post-pizza belly! 

When I heard about FIT4MOM and their Stroller Strides class, I JUMPED at the chance to go. From the beginning, I felt warmly welcomed by the instructors and other attendees. My beginner level of fitness was a non-issue. No matter what you are capable of doing physically, there are levels of each activity you can do. 

Right now, I can’t leave our little one with anyone else, so being able to take her with me to workout is AWESOME. I’ve seen a varied age of kids at Stroller Strides (non-school so far, since it is still the school year) and the moms are so good about helping if a little one is getting fussy in a stroller. The instructors have everyone moving and singing–they engage the kids by blowing bubbles and having fun. I have yet to see a kid reaaally want to get out. A snack and a song go along way to keeping tots comfortable. Some moms ditch the stroller in favor of baby carriers.  More power to them! Other moms are able to leave their kiddos at daycare or with dad–they just come with an empty stroller.

{Sponsored Post} FIT4MOM Classes: A Foolproof Way to Make Friends and Keep Fit | Duluth Moms Blog


I’ve stuck with my Fit4Mom Stroller Strides classes for about two weeks now. I love going! Right now I do the daytime classes, but I really want to try the evening ones. So working mamas– check out their schedule. There are PM times that accommodate those of you who need wait until after work to take a class. They currently offer classes in Superior, Duluth, and Esko which really helps when you need to work out close to your home or office. 

When you sign up, you get a fun welcome bag with some workout bands. I recommend investing in a small yoga mat or pad for some core work, and make sure you take a water bottle! 

The FIT4MOM Twin Ports Facebook page is a great resource, and as the weather warms up, you can use it to see if your class is meeting inside or outside for the day. They are really great about judging the weather and making their call based on the comfort of the kids. You can browse FIT4MOM’s other types of classes, too: Run Club, Body Back, and even a prenatal FIT4BABY class. At any stage of mom life–they got you covered.

So, what are the basics of class? While each instructor brings own style, there is always a warm up and introduction, and different stations to go between–could be power walking or running, or core moves, squats, jumping jacks, or a number of other moves—and they all usually have a fun kid song playing as you move. The end gives attendees a chance to do a core cool down and some stretching; it’s the perfect way to slow your speed and get your heart rate back to normal.

{Sponsored Post} FIT4MOM Classes: A Foolproof Way to Make Friends and Keep Fit | Duluth Moms Blog

Even if you’re not sure you’re looking for a workout, but rather, a community of moms, FIT4MOM is a great place to start. They even host meet ups and play times outside of workout classes! I’m also looking forward to Family Day so I can get husband to try a class and see what a “real workout” feels like. I think he’s going to be super impressed at how hard we all work!

I really encourage you to try a class, and your first visit is free, yay! Go online to twinports.fit4mom.com and create a profile. Then you can sign up for a class. The website will explain all the packages and costs. There are some great packages that fit all styles and budgets. Now that the weather is perking up, you’re going to love getting outside, getting fit, and getting to spend time showing your child how you make healthy, fun choices. I love that FIT4MOM is here in Duluth and surrounding areas to help us with that.

The Stroller Strides classes have been awesome way for me to meet new moms and to keep my peanut with me while I socialize. I also can tell the workouts are working. I see some new muscle gains and a few less inches when I look in the mirror.  I’m not yet able to do all the higher level workouts so I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting there. FIT4MOM is one bandwagon I’ll be staying on for a long time!


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