{Sponsored Post} How to Win at Mother’s Day with Saffron & Grey

This post is sponsored by Saffron & Grey, but all of the opinions about their awesome flowers are my own.

{Sponsored Post} How to Win at Mother's Day with Saffron & Grey | Duluth Moms Blog

Mother’s Day. It’s fast approaching, and while my first inclination is to think about the amazingness of getting a day to “sleep in” (lounge in bed half awake while listening to the 2-year-old call for mama from the opposite side of the closed door), my next thoughts turn to my own mother and mother-in-law.

These women have been cornerstone on which my husband and I have learned to lean on, time and time again, as we’ve built our own family. They are kind and wise, unflappable in their love, and women who truly deserve all the good we can heap upon them.

And yet, like all mothers, they are completely impossible to shop for.

I pride myself on being an excellent gift giver. I am a sneaky sleuth, picking up on clues during mundane conversations and smugly filing them away in my brain space until I am standing in front of the perfect piece of local art work or adding a handmade pair of earrings to my Etsy cart. But, I consistently seem to miss the mark with both my mom and my mother-in-law.

They already have dozens of cashmere scarves. They don’t need any more kitchen gadgets. They are past the stage of mothering in which coffee is the elixir of life, and their response to my fishing questions is always some version of “just let me keep loving on my grandbabies!”

I am happy to oblige them in the latter, but it still seems like their selflessness is more so benefitting me and my daughters (who, thanks to their grandmas, want for nothing save for a pair of matching unicorns and I’m certain those will materialize sooner or later, too!).  For Mother’s Day this year, I am determined to get my mother and my mother-in-law both gifts that bring as much beauty and cheer into their lives as they bring into ours. Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design is my secret weapon.

The whimsical women-owned-and-run florist shop in the Woodland neighborhood has been filling Northland homes with beautiful bouquets and arrangements for close to six years. Of course, their lush and natural style has been a favorite with Minnesota brides since their inception, but I’m already an old married lady, so I am familiar with their work in more modest capacity; I love to indulge myself in small bunches of fresh flowers to take home and use as a coffee table focal piece or room brightener.

{Sponsored Post} How to Win at Mother's Day with Saffron & Grey | Duluth Moms Blog
In a total ah-ha moment, I realized that I can give this same small indulgence for Mother’s Day. Saffron & Grey offers the perfect gift: a weekly wrap subscription card. Choose a card good for 5 or 10 week’s worth of brightly blooming seasonal bouquets. A subscription card comes at a discounted price; typically, each weekly wrap bouquet is $10, but the cards are offered at $45 for 5 weeks and $90 for 10 weeks, saving you a few bucks while still offering up the freshest of flowers to the subscription recipient.

The cards also come with flower pick up flexibility. If mom is headed out of town for a few weeks, she won’t have to worry about missing out on consecutive weeks of bouquets; she can use the card when it fits into her weekly schedule. Just think, taking home a sunny bunch of flowers to use as a table centerpiece for a family dinner will make mom almost as happy as she is when she spoils your kids with ice cream before the aforementioned family dinner!

{Sponsored Post} How to Win at Mother's Day with Saffron & Grey | Duluth Moms Blog

If you’re feeling extra generous, remember to purchase a subscription card for yourself, too. You deserve to have a little extra something pretty in your life, especially if it draws your eyes away from your Goldfish cracker-crusted rug for the week. Or leave Mother’s Day gift hints/blatantly stick a Post-It note with Saffron & Grey’s phone number on your husband’s morning coffee mug. Here, we’ll make it easy for you… err, him: call Saffron & Grey at 218-728-1455 or check them out on Facebook to ask questions or see more photos of their stunning florals.

To get a sneak peak at the loveliness of Saffron & Grey’s wraps, make sure to order your VIP tickets to the Duluth Moms Blog’s Bloom event on May 11th. The florists will be providing VIP ticket holders with wraps to help brighten up their evening.

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