Spring Break with Papa Murphy’s: 5 Ways to Create a Tropical Staycation

It’s spring break! Woohoo! Except… you’re a mom. And you have grown up responsibilities like work and parenting and saving money for a new washer/dryer set, minivan, or summer camp and daycare expenses. *Sigh* 

Of course you would love to treat your whole family to a warm weather vacation (preferably all inclusive so the kids can enjoy age-appropriate programing while you sip something sweet and boozy out of a coconut by the pool’s edge) but it’s just not in the cards right now. That doesn’t mean this week is a total wash. Clear your schedule for an afternoon or evening and enjoy some tropical staycation time together.

1. Set the Mood

Duluth, we all love you, but these temps are kinda depressing!

We keep our heat set to 69 during the chilly spring days, but bumping it up a few degrees one afternoon won’t hurt pocketbook too much. Set your indoor temp to 72-75 and let your kiddos don their favorite short sleeve tees or sundresses. Give them each a lei and a pair of sunglasses and put on some fun summer tunes (The Beach Boys, Surfaris, Olivia Newton-John etc.) to channel those sunny day vibes.

Spring Break with Papa Murphy's: 5 Ways to Create a Tropical Staycation | Duluth Moms Blog

2. Try New Foods

Pick up one of Papa Murphy’s Hawaiian pizzas. The ooey-gooey cheesy pizza is topped with pineapple and ham, a combo that is sure to make the whole fam go back for seconds. Even my picky, cheese-only pizza eater devours Papa Murphy’s Hawaiian pizza. There’s something about the sweet and salty toppings that hits the spot. Grab a family-sized pie on the way home from work and watch it cook as you dance around the kitchen with your littles to Surfin’ USA. 

Spring Break with Papa Murphy's: 5 Ways to Create a Tropical Staycation | Duluth Moms Blog

You can also whip up a few smoothies to help wash your pizza down. We love ours with banana, blueberries, pineapple, mint, and (shhh!) spinach. Top them off with little cocktail umbrellas if you want to be fancy-shmancy! 

Spring Break with Papa Murphy's: 5 Ways to Create a Tropical Staycation | Duluth Moms Blog

3. Get Crafty

Once your bellies are full, break out the craft supplies. I am not an advanced crafter, but my girls LOVE anything they can draw, glue, tape, and top with glitter. We compromised by making these cute tropical pineapple pictures. I drew the outlines with paint crayons and then let the kids get their fingers messy and add the thumbprint pineapple scales in the middle. They had a blast and I was able to keep everything fairly contained.

Spring Break with Papa Murphy's: 5 Ways to Create a Tropical Staycation | Duluth Moms Blog4. Burn Off Some Energy

If you’re kids aren’t into crafts, or if they need a little something to help them focus their energy into something constructive, break out hula hoops or a limbo stick (we opted for the former because we don’t own a limbo stick and, for some reason, my husband didn’t want to go traipsing through the yard to find a suitable tree branch to use). Crank the music up and make it a competition. We found out that we’re all pretty lousy hula hoopers, but it was priceless to watch our littles dissolve into giggles every time someone’s hoop hit the floor. 

5. Wind Down With a Movie

I know not everyone feels comfortable with giving their kids screen time, but in our house, it’s a necessary part of the day. The girls unwind and curl up into each other on the couch and I get some necessary things crossed off of my to do list. If you’re a TV mom, too, end your tropical party with a family favorite movie, like Lilo and Stitch or Moana. Sneak off in the middle to devour a leftover slice of pizza and make yourself a rum-based cocktail; you’ve earned it!

This post was sponsored by Papa Murphy's but the content within is my own.
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