I Don’t Drink Coffee

I Don't Drink Coffee | Duluth Moms BlogI don’t drink coffee… “Really?” I’m often asked by other moms. “Why?” Is usually the next question…

Followed by, “Then how do you do it?”

I drink a lot of wine! The secret is out… just kidding! Well kind of…

Ok but seriously here is the truth… I’ve tried drinking coffee a few times. It makes me feel completely wacky and if you know me at all, you already know that I don’t need coffee to have energy. I have enough all on my own… thank you very much type A personality!

I’ve never really needed coffee to get me up and going in the mornings! A brisk work out and eating breakfast were always enough to pull me out of bed.

When I became a mom of two, that may have been the first time in my life I thought, “Maybe I should drink coffee!”

I Don't Drink Coffee | Duluth Moms Blog

Don’t get me wrong… there were mornings I struggled with the alarm clock before kids, but now it’s a whole different ball game. Especially those nights that there’s an adorable, warm, karate kicking toddler sleeping in my bed and a baby going through a growth spurt that wants to be nursed every two hours all night long! Even though they wake me up and make me feel like a zombie some days, it’s so worth it in the long run. But trust me, there are days I want to lock myself in the bathroom and pray the toddler tantrum will somehow escape me… but it’s never that easy!

While on my motherhood journey, I’ve tried a sip of coffee here and there and I’m gently reminded of why it’s not for me! Jittery, uneasy, anxious, queasy feelings… no thanks! I’ll stick to the basics instead… water & wine of course!

Motherhood is crazy cool with all the excitement of watching your little people develop and grow into what you hope are amazing adults someday. The pressures of making sure they get there is enough to drive any mom to drink… hot tea of course! On the hard days I lean on conversations with my dear mom friends and calls to my own mom. I also enjoy a cold beverage at bedtime when all is quiet and still. Even if I’m sleep deprived… silence is golden, even if I have to stay up later to get it.

I find myself looking across the living room often at my husband and muttering… “What did we do before we had kids?” Seriously, what did we do? He usually responds with, “We slept in, went out to eat, and watched whatever we wanted on TV. Remember when we used to watch movies?” Ha ha! He was right…

I Don't Drink Coffee | Duluth Moms Blog

It just seems like we would have been completely bored without these tiny, perfect, strong willed, needy little humans around us. They have forever changed us. 

Cheers to you if you drink coffee… I’ll be over her sipping my hot chocolate, caffeine free tea, wine, or beer instead. Oh and PS, I’ll still take you up on a “coffee date” if you ask!

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