To-Do List Tips

Why does it seem that to-do lists never end? Want to know what I just saw on mine? BLOG POST due tomorrow! Shoot! Did I do it again? I waited until the day before it was due? Really? Well next month I’ll write it sooner.

I am a fan of to-do lists. I always make them, and sometimes lose them. In all reality they do help me stay organized and plan out my weeks. Call me crazy but crossing things off on a long to-do list may be one of my favorite things to do! In fact, I sometimes add things to the bottom of my to-do list just to cross them off right away. It’s not cheating, I promise!

I’m going to share some of my to-do list tips with you that have made my mind a little bit calmer, let me sleep a little bit better, and make my anxiety levels a tad lower.

1- Plan Plan Plan

To-Do List Tips | Duluth Moms BlogTake some time dedicated each week to make a to-do list! Sunday nights seem to work best for me so I feel like I can go into the week with a solid plan. Never make a huge long list with no plan of attack. Break it up into manageable tasks you know you can complete in a set amount of time. Try not to over plan a day because then if you do get something done early that could really have waited until tomorrow it’s just a bonus!

2- Cross It Off!

This may sound easy, but it feels so good! Once a task is completed, cross it off. It’s so rewarding and makes you feel extra organized… even if you’re not!

3- Make a Long Term List

I always make a long term to do list so that I don’t forget to do something, but know it doesn’t have to be done right away. This way I don’t feel pressure to finish a large task in one day that I know will take more time and effort. I’ll deal with it when I get there! Am I right?

4- Make a Weekly Goal

To-Do List Tips | Duluth Moms BlogIs there one thing that you have been putting off for a while now? Make that your goal of the week! Break it into smaller pieces and tackle it for an hour each day during the week. No one likes to spend an entire weekend organizing their kids clothes and swapping out sizes, so instead do a drawer a day and by the end of the week… DONE!

5- Plan in Fun Days/Evenings.

To-Do List Tips | Duluth Moms Blog

Along with the long list of to-dos I can never escape, I always try to plan something fun at least once a week for myself and the kids, or the whole family if it’s in the evening or on a weekend. It’s very import to have fun together and remember that some tasks on your never ending list can wait. I’m a firm believer in not letting life’s precious moments pass me by. Believe me, I have to remind myself sometimes that the laundry can wait, but the nighttime snuggles cannot. One day those will be gone and the laundry will still be there…

As I’m wrapping up this blog post I have one adorable cuddly little girl resting on my left arm while I finish writing this post with my right. I had to remind myself just minutes ago that the giant heap of laundry that I had to move to crawl into bed will be there in the morning. I’m not about to give up these snuggles for another task that will always be on my list. Life is too short. Don’t let the list dictate you… you dictate the list.

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