Meet the Executive Team

We are passionate about our community and our jobs, but more than anything, about our families.  We would love to hear from you and will answer emails Monday through Friday, but will focus on family time on the weekends.  If you reach out over the weekend, we’ll be happy to ping you back on Monday – Thanks!

Stephanie Goldfarb

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Owner, Founder of Duluth Moms Blog

Stephanie is the Co-Founder + Owner of Duluth Moms Blog. She strongly believes in cultivating authentic relationships through community and local gatherings. Stephanie has been married to her husband Gerry, a Duluth native, for nineteen years, and together they have two girls and two boys.  She loves all things pretty and has a huge passion for design. 

Heather Jackson

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Project Coordinator

Heather is the Project Coordinator for Duluth Moms Blog, working with sponsors to write about best experiences and items the Northland has to offer. She’s married to Matt and has two daughters, Cecilia (5) and Josephine (2). When she’s not writing blog guides, she spends more time filling out her weekly planner than she does actually accomplishing her goals. She’s a classic introvert, but has spent her adulthood learning how to step out of her comfort zone to enjoy the company of her friends and family, especially if there’s plenty of food and drink involved. 

Emily McCarthy

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Managing Editor

Emily is the Managing Editor for the Duluth Moms Blog editing the blog posts for our talented writers, managing the editorial content calendar, and helping dream up fun ideas that will inspire our readers. She has been married to her husband Bernard for 10 years and they are currently running non-stop after their twin toddlers Lucie & Charlotte (20 months). Her favorite time is nap time and she enjoys finding humor in unexpected places. Emily is embracing the chaos that comes with this stage of life and thinks laughter is an absolute necessity.

Kati Annis

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General Sales + Sponsorship Coordinator

Kati is our sales and sponsorship coordinator, and has been a resident of Duluth for ten years.  She lives with her husband, teenage stepson and two little girls ages two and four. Even though she is an indoorsy mama, she loves going to the lake walk with her family to look for sea glass or eat ice cream no matter what the season! 


Sarah Pohl

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Event Sales, Guides, + Sponsorship Coordinator

Sarah is a transplant from down South until she returned back to where her own parents were raised. After graduating from Regency Beauty Institute about 10 years ago, she works as a Hairstylist passionately beautifying the city of Duluth (one person at a time) where she is now planting her roots with her husband, daughter Ara (age 3), and son Orion (almost 1). You will mostly find her family outdoors no matter what season it is, chasing both sunrises in their backyard and sunsets throughout the city sporting oversized sunglasses, and a giant mug of coffee in hand.


Brandi Grandaw

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Community Engagement Coordinator + Social Media Manager

Brandi is the Community Engagement Coordinator and Social Media Manager for the Duluth Moms Blog and works on connecting moms through our online neighborhood groups.  A transplant from a small town south of Minneapolis, Brandi is married to her best friend Jim and the proud mama of two young girls, Sajen and Mattea.  They reside in the wonderful Lakeside community and love everything it has to offer.


Duluth Moms Blog is made up of a team of 30 moms, including 28 writers, and our Executive Team is the driving force behind events, sponsorships, resources, tweets, status updates, amazing content, and all things that make Duluth Moms Blog the resource that it is!