How Amazon Pantry Changed My Life This Week

I was with a friend the week that Amazon promoted their big Prime event. She uses their Prime Pantry service. I have had Amazon Prime for almost a year. Two day shipping? Yes, please! Although I have not utilized my Prime membership to it’s  fullest…I hear you can save photos, watch movies, and have access to guaranteed release dates of new books and movies,  I have not been worried about any of those things. Until a couple of days ago.  

Have I been totally oblivious to the fact that there is a spot on Amazon where I can shop for groceries and household products? Yes. I have. I remember my sister telling me about how she orders paper goods from Amazon, and it gets shipped to her home. Shipped to her home? Toilet paper and paper towels? What? A trip to the grocery or big box store averted? Free shipping and to my front door in 48 hours? YES! I was all in!  

How Amazon Pantry Changed My Life This Week | Duluth Moms BlogWhile I was recently walking through the Portland, Oregon airport, I had my phone in hand. I opened up my Amazon app, searched Amazon Pantry and there it was! It was like angels were singing in the heavens at that moment. This was about to get real. Sriracha, what is sriracha anyways? It doesn’t matter. I ordered a bottle. Dish soap? I think we are almost out. I’ll order two. Toilet bowl cleaner, hand soap…check, check! Popcorn, coffee, grill foil, crackers…check, check check! Hand soap (a 12.5 oz bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap in Rhubarb) I think I need this!  Body wash for hubby, Suave and Old Spice, two of each! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I think I need this so I can give the tub a good scrub this weekend….CHECK!  And get this!  WITH EVERY ITEM ORDERED, AMAZON LETS YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A BOX YOU HAVE FILLED!  Seriously, I think I can fit in another hand soap.  I mean rhubarb scented, c’mon!  As my hubby and I inched toward our gate, I clicked. I searched the mental filing cabinet in my head.  Crystal Lite drink mix? I’m sure we are out. Pudding and Jello? Check. Qtips, check. Ketchup, granola, toothpaste, check, check, and CHECK! Oh. My. GOSH!  

Wait a minute. Reality check. Is this true? Is this a thing? And do I really need all of this STUFF? Yes I do. Do you know why?  I’m busy. Yes, my children are grown. I am no longer schlepping diaper bags, corralling kids in the cereal aisle, or clipping coupons as I push a heavy cart through the store. But, and this is a big BUT, I don’t have time. I work full time.  I like to spend time with my husband. I have commitments. What used to seem like a mini vacation, grocery shopping without my children, has become a chore. I hate trying to find a parking spot. I despise trying to jockey my cart into position in the fresh veggie aisle when colored peppers are on sale. I LOATHE picking a line at the end of the venture. Seriously, are there any good things about household shopping?  

Yes. I generally try go to the store on Mondays. I start in the fresh food aisle and meander my way into the cheese and bakery section. The guy who makes sushi always has a smile for me. I get California rolls once in a while. He recognizes me each time and asks me if I want a fresh one. I check out the sale section and bulk items. Usually, I run into someone I haven’t seen for a while. A man who stocks the shelves in the natural food section smiles at me and asks if I have tried any other gluten free cookies lately. He remembers the last time I was in trying to find gluten free chocolate, with a look of disgust on my face. I try to avert the ice cream and frozen treat row, but fail. In a trance like state in front of the freezer, I stare at the variety of delicious frozen…ok.  I digress. With a tub of Moose Tracks Fudgy something or other, I head up to the check out counter, looking for my favorite checkers, Deb or Lisa, and hit their line. If its Deb, she always greets me with a smile. She is genuine about asking me how my day is going. I love her! Always says something positive about the day! And Lisa…I will pick her line with 75 people in it, verses a short line of 3 in another. Lisa and I chit chat about how her grandkids are doing, how my kids are doing, and my furniture business. We follow each other on Facebook and conversation comes easy. I vaguely remember getting a hug from her one day after paying for my groceries. These women are wonderful!  

So, this whole Amazon Pantry thing…it seriously has changed the game for me. Yes, I will continue to frequent my local grocery store, getting my fresh foods and items on the fly when I am in a pinch. BUT, the click of a button is so much more attractive to me when I am out of toilet paper. Or coffee. Or bathroom cleaner….or Crystal Lite drink mix.  

My first Amazon Pantry order got delivered yesterday. The UPS dude carried it right to my door. As I stood there in awe at the expedited shipping box, I thought I heard those angels singing in the distance. Yes, I’m pretty sure I did!   Try it, you may like it. Amazon does not provide the warm and fuzzy feelings that I get while going to the actual store each Monday…but the convenience of it outweighs the thought of pushing my cart through a sale aisle on a Sunday!   This would have been a total life saver when my kids were little! Imagine the time you can spend doing other things with your family. Although Amazon may not be for everyone, give it a try! You’ll never know unless you do! Now excuse me, while I search Amazon for items to fulfill my underwater basket weaving dream. Oh, and Seriously? You can find anything on there! 

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