Austin Jarrow’s Brooks Running {Moving Comfort} Sports Bra: Supporting You Every Step of The Way

This is a Sponsored Post. I received complimentary gear for this post. My words are honest opinions and thoughts from a fellow running mama.

 I used to think a nursing bra and a great, high impact sport’s bra were two different options…

Well, brace yourself {you and the girls} Moving Comfort invented a bra that supports runners AND nursing mama’s!


Austin Jarrow was gracious enough to let me test their Brooks Running {Moving Comfort} Jumbralee High Impact Sports Bra.

After years of being an avid runner, after I had my son and was breastfeeding him, the girls needed a little more help being held into place… if you know what I mean.
I do a lot of workouts that involve cardio, jumping and high intensity intervals but I mostly plain and simple just love to run so I’ve been on the hunt for a great high impact bra.

HIGH IMPACT means that there is a high degree of bouncing in the activity and the breast is subject to a lot of up and down stress/movement (like running, mountain biking, dance, aerobics). MEDUIM IMPACT means there is a moderate degree of bouncing.


I have also had a lot of fellow fit mamas ask where to get a bra for bigger chested women. I never knew where I could refer them to that they would get quality customer service while also having a lot of variety and options to choose from until I stepped foot in Duluth’s Oldest {locally owned} Running store: Austin Jarrow The Moving Comfort sports bras came in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. I noticed they had up to an F size cup on hand in their store but can order up to a G size in their “Embody” bra that they can special order. The “Jubralee” style was the right fit for me. They greeted me just a few feet into the store and led me exactly to the area of the store I needed to be in to find what I was looking for. The store opened in 1984 and continues to be run by the same owners so they are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their product. Austin Jarrow’s exceptional staff included local and friendly people that were extremely easy to talk to and ask questions making every bra shopper’s dream come true!

One of my biggest challenges when it comes to shopping for a high impact sports bra is finding one that is easy to get on AND off. I knew the true test for that would be after a good hour long workout. I did a workout that included: squats, jumping, running, lunges etc. and my Jumbralee bra crushed all of my hesitations I have while bra shopping. You guys, this bra is the ultimate support system for your chest; everything stays locked in place and comfortable. I had an exceptional amount of sweat post-workout and this bra was easy to take off the velcro straps to nurse or pump in immediately after. If you’re an avid runner and tote your kids along for your runs with you like I do, this is extremely valuable. 

Every bra in this collection accounts for the four aspects of a well-crafted sports bra- comfort, fit, support, and style.

I am also a woman who simply just prefers to wear a sports bra leisurely as well. I never did like padding or underwire in my bras. I also had the option of simply unhooking the bra from the back for simple removal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve created a new karate move or dance trying to get a high impact bra off post workout…. I am hooked on this bra (see what I did there- pun intended)!


The store also includes a wide variety of running gear & athletic apparel to shop from!

Store Hours:


February 28th Austin Jarrow will be celebrating their {Leap Year} 33rd Birthday all day In-Store!
Anniversary deals will include:
33% off regular priced items storewide
clearance shoes additional $10 off sale price

February 28th 33rd Birthday Store Hours
will include 10AM-10PM

Mention “Duluth Mom’s Blog” anytime In-store in the month of March and get 20% off a regular price shoe!

Visit their Facebook to keep up with the latest in running and follow their personal running adventures.




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