Mills Fleet Farm: Helping You Be Awesome at the Holidays

This post was sponsored by our friends at Mills Fleet Farm, but the opinions within are my own.

Mills Fleet Farm: Helping You Be Awesome at the Holidays | Duluth Moms BlogChristmas. We’re coming down to the wire, huh? In ten or so days, all of our littles will be rushing out of their bedrooms (hopefully at a reasonable hour but I won’t hold my breath!) and storming the tree with single-minded focus that’s usually reserved for Olympic athletes on the precipice of their medal-winning performance.

… And you’re only three quarters of the way done with your shopping. Okay, half… ish.



I mean, I don’t know about you, but I was feeling pretty good about my progress until my two year old daughter told the Santa at a neighborhood party that she wanted a yellow robot for Christmas. This Santa had already Amazon Primed her a blue robot.

Toyland at Mills Fleet Farms

With the shipping deadline looming, I’m not taking any more chances. It’s off to Mills Fleet Farm instead. The Mills Fleet Farm store in Hermantown is a newer addition to the Northland–having opened in the summer of 2016–but the company has been serving the Minnesota and the rest of the Upper Midwest for over 60 years. The store is open daily from 7am (8am on Sundays) to 9pm. Such long and consistent hours means I don’t have to rearrange a busy schedule to fit in a trip; I can jet up there when grandma has the kids or my partner comes home from work early. They’re even open until 6pm on Christmas eve in case I find that my two-year-old’s stocking is feeling a bit light.

Mills Fleet Farm: Helping You Be Awesome at the Holidays | Duluth Moms Blog

Previously, I had made the wrong assumption that Mills Fleet Farm was heavy on the home improvement and garden supplies. They are, but they also have a huge variety of other goods, including toys. I had no idea they had such a robust section for the kiddos!

Snag great deals on favorite brands like LEGO, Little Tikes, Nerf, Melissa & Doug, and Disney. If you’re not sure where to start (because your sister informed you at the last minute that your cousin’s 9-year-old daughter is going to be at the holiday dinner and you have no idea what toys 9 year olds want) then check out Mills Fleet Farm’s Toyland Guide. They break down popular gifts by age group or gift type, like building sets, outdoor play, and arts and crafts, etc.

Your One Stop Holiday Baking Shop

As an avid baker, the holidays are totally my jam. Literally. I love gifting homemade goodies to family and friends, but despite my best efforts to stock up on everything before the onslaught of the baking season, I always run out of ingredients and packaging before I’ve finished.

Mills Fleet Farm: Helping You Be Awesome at the Holidays | Duluth Moms Blog

Mills Fleet Farm carries what I need to don my apron, turn on Bing Crosby, and get back to work in the kitchen. They have Wilton staples like candy melts and food coloring, plus a ton of From the Pantry finishers–crushed peppermint pieces, chopped nuts, and chocolate chips.

Who Doesn’t Love Efficiency?

Maybe there’s no such thing as a true “get it all” store, but Mills Fleet Farm comes close. I’m going to snatch up on a few more stocking stuffers for the girls, grab a bag of coconut flour to bake for my brother’s gluten-free girlfriend, and swing by the holiday section to pick out a few more boxes of colored lights. (One side of our tree refuses to stay lit.) Then, I am going to go home. No second stop. I’ll put on another pot of coffee and pretend I’m going to tackle the pile of unwrapped gifts that’s waiting for me there.

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