I’m Not Going to Apologize for My Messy House

I'm Not Going to Apologize for My Messy House | Duluth Moms Blog
I’ve seen a meme floating around for the past couple of years–maybe you’ve seen it, too. There are three things listed on the meme: clean house, happy kids, and your sanity. The caption reads: “You can only have two.” Based on the title of this blog, you can guess which two I’ve chosen. Do we need a drum roll here? Happy kids (or in my case, baby) and my sanity were the obvious winners.
I have never been a super organized person. For years, I functioned happily in organized chaos, and I really did know where most everything was. Because of this, I am very thankful that we live in a day and age where unannounced visits from friends or family has become a bit taboo. I mean, if I am not expecting someone to stop by, and there is a knock on the door, I can guarantee you that I am not going to answer it! I’d like to say that my reasoning behind it is because I am lounging without pants on (which is truthfully almost a given), but it is really because I am not prepared to socialize… but that is another topic for another day. For a while, if you did schedule visit with me and I hosted, I actually did pretty good job preparing. Now a-days, I can be home when you get there, but anything more than that is not really in the cards.


Pre Baby 

I attempted to be a good host before our little human entered the picture. When I knew someone was coming for a visit, I would take my mess and tuck it not-so-neatly behind closed doors and make sure all of the communal areas were sparkling.
I probably also cooked a delicious meal, which sort of gave me an excuse to have dirty dishes in the sink. I would actually research recipes for a couple of days to find the perfect entree. There would probably also be fresh baked bread, too. (In a bread machine, because let’s not get crazy.) On a good day, there was even some sort of dessert. I always made sure I was showered, with full hair and makeup done.


Post Baby

A good day is when I’m not wearing nursing pajamas when you walk in the door, and let’s be honest, if I am wearing actual clothes, it is because we are going somewhere in public. I only have normal clothes because I when I try to make my nursing gowns look like some sort of cute dress ensemble, my husband vocally tells me that I am not pulling it off, even when I get a chance to brush my hair and slap on some mascara.


Here is the Thing

If you are coming over to my house, even if I have a year’s notice, my house is going to be messy. Sure I will vacuum up the dog hair, but that is about it. If you are over for dinner, you are probably going to have to move a basket of laundry off the table. While I can promise that those clothes are clean, I am just as certain that they will not be folded. There are dog toys, and baby toys, and clothing (since I no longer have the luxury of changing in private) laying around the house. My priorities are a happy baby and my sanity… and not much more.  
I’m not going to apologize for that.  
If you decide to sleep over, I will still make sure you have clean bedding to sleep on. Actually, now that I think of it, no…. no I won’t. But my husband is awesome and has that covered for you. I am going to play and read and socialize with my baby. Feel free to jump in the toy pit with us and join in on the fun and sanity. I will even order the pizza, but would prefer if we could hover over the pizza box while we eat. It will save me a couple of plates that I will procrastinate to wash after you leave.
I know I could absolutely get in there and clean after my daughter goes to bed. Or… I could go to bed myself, because I am exhausted and have to get up early so I can attempt to resemble a human while at work. Cleaning up a messy home, of course, must be done before my tiny human opens her eyes at the crack of dawn. If I fail to make it work while she’s asleep, there is no chance I’ll get anything done that doesn’t involve getting her out the door in the morning.
On that note, I’m probably not going to apologize for being late, either.
I'm Not Going to Apologize for My Messy House | Duluth Moms Blog
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