No One Told Me…

No One Told Me... | Duluth Moms Blog

Advice. It’s not something that needs to be solicited when you become a parent. Babies are a topic that people love to talk about! Advice comes from coworkers, friends, family and sometimes even complete strangers lurking in the make-up aisle at Target. God bless them! 

I have two children, and it still amazes me what no one has told me about becoming a mom. Why does everyone flock to the negative stories and advice when there is so much good about becoming a mom? No one ever mentioned how much I would instantly love my babies minutes after finding out I was pregnant. No one told me how I would immediately feel the need to protect them from everything and everyone. No one mentioned how amazed I would be at what my body had just done. No one said that I would fall in love with my husband all over again when I saw him become a father to our children. No one explained the feeling I would feel seeing my parents hold my children the same way they used to hold me when I was a baby. It was never mentioned that these little tiny humans would change who I was forever.

All of these things, they are the important things in life. The things that no one can give to you, they just have to be experienced in order to fully understand. Perhaps that’s why no one talks about them? It seems like it’s easier for people to tell horrific, traumatizing birth stories or give faulty advice like “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

There is something so incredibly special about creating a life. It’s one of the most accomplishing feelings I’ve ever felt as a human being. It’s as if I actually assisted God with a miracle. My body actually created a living, breathing person. Even though I know how it works, I continually ask myself how it is possible? How did we do this? How was this perfect little life created inside of me? I was pleasantly surprised by the pure joy I felt the moment that my babies were placed in my arms. It’s unlike any other experience in this world. In that moment, I knew I was meant to be a mother. It was a job I wouldn’t take lightly. If I could bottle up that moment, I’d reopen it often!

No matter how many times someone tells you that having a child will change your life, you just don’t fully understand until it happens to you. My babies have changed me for the better. I’m a more compassionate person. I pay more attention to other people’s emotions. I treat people with more respect and I take the time to truly listen. I relate on a much deeper level and I care so much more about topics I never thought I would. I value time so much more than I ever used to. I don’t wish moments away anymore, but I wait for them to happen and then appreciate them in all their glory! I worry more, but I stress less. I’m disorganized, but I’m happier! I still cry, but there are a lot more happy tears now. 

The day my son was born I became a different woman. He shook my world to the core! I experienced a love I had never felt before. A connection that is unexplainable. Such a raw moment in life that will forever be imprinted into my memory. The day my daughter was born was just as thrilling! I’ll never forget my husband proclaiming proudly, “It’s a girl!” She was perfect, and when we locked eyes, I knew we would be best friends forever.

I relived all of the same feelings I had when my son was born, and I became even more aware and thankful for those around me. Life is so valuable. To say that I am truly blessed to be a mom doesn’t even begin to sum it all up. My children are my life and I cannot imagine it without them. I truly believe that children make the world a better place and that they are a constant reminder for us all to slow down, breathe it all in and appreciate all the little things life has to offer. Children are proof of just how fast time passes. Don’t let a second pass without appreciation.

Do me a favor…the next time someone asks you for parenting advice, tell them something empowering. Tell them how much joy a child can bring to their life. Tell them that their world is about to be turned upside down. They won’t understand you in the moment, but when they look back, they will appreciate the sound advice you gave them and I guarantee you, it will be much appreciated and never forgotten! 

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  1. Gretchen
    Gretchen November 16, 2016 at 10:23 am #

    “It’s as if I actually assisted God with a miracle” all the YES!!! it’s so amazing!!! I’m also here to tell you that reliving that moment you became a mom never fades, at least it hasn’t for me 19 and 17 years later. It’s as fresh a memory, as vivid as my coffee in my cup this morning. That day will stay with you forever and it becomes more precious over the years as you marvel at all the great things your kids learn to do. God has it planned out so beautifully to reveal precious moments all along the way.