Why 50 Is Going To Rock

Milestones. Life is full of them. At 15, we get our driver’s permit. At 16, we can drive! At 18, we are considered adults and are released from the walls of high school and thrown into the real world. At 21, we can sit at a bar, order a drink and laugh with our friends. Life is full of milestones. Points in our lives that we feel are exceptional. Events that recognize us as US. I’ll be turning the big 5-0 soon and only recently have I become excited! 

Fifty. Say it with me. Fifty… half a century old. What have I learned over these past 50 years that will help me excel at the next half century? Oh, I have learned a lot! Let’s count down the reasons why I think 50 should blow the doors off of the first 49 years of my life.

Why 50 Is Going To Rock | Duluth Moms Blog

10: I’ve become more resilient. As we age, our skin gets tougher (both physically and metaphorically). Like Wonder Woman, I’ve learned to deflect negatives that are thrown at me and stand firm when I need to. I’ve gotten much better about this over the years. I can truly say that I have more confidence because of it.

9: I now have an excuse for losing things. Seriously, I will take any excuse I can get. My glasses? They are usually on my head when I’m looking all over the place for them. The car keys? In the pocket where I put them. Who am I kidding? I’ve always been like this! Although age probably has nothing to do with it, I will use the excuse of being 50 like a badge of honor.  

8: I was born in 1968, along with the likes of Calvin Klein Jeans, Archie Comics, and lava lamps–they were cool when I was growing up and are still cool today. Coincidence? I think not. 

7: I am full of wisdom. What kind of wisdom, I have no idea. But, I’m full of it. Just ask my kids!

6: I get to watch my children mature into adults. If I’m really lucky, I’ll become a grandma. (Speaking of the name “grandma”… I prefer to be called Gigi or Mimi. Are you listening Morgan and Benjamin?) I will gladly accept the gray hair and wrinkles that go with this title, while still getting my roots done every 5-6 weeks.  

5: I have amazing friends. Friends who know me. Know my imperfections and love me the way I am. We walk along side one another and navigate through life together. Friends that I can go without seeing or talking to for any amount of time and we will pick up right where we left off. These women, you know who you are, are like sisters to me.  

4: I feel more and I can relate more. When my kids are struggling, I try to look back and remember how it felt when I was faced with the same situation. It doesn’t always work, but it helps me relate. When they are proud or happy, I can remember when I had those feelings at their ages. I can smile with them. I am more understanding if I remember being in the same situation.

3: I forgive more. It’s taken me 50 years to figure it out. Forgiveness is the answer along with love, peace and acceptance. And joy. Don’t forget joy! Master this before you turn 50 and I can guarantee that your life will be more fulfilling. It will bring you peace. Your steps will be lighter and your heart will be happier. It will show in your smile.

2: I get to grow old with my husband. Retirement is right around the corner for us and we are looking forward to being around for a long time to enjoy it. Together.  

Fifty. That number has been rolling around in my head for the past year and I can’t say that I was excited at the first realization of it. But, no matter how I feel about it, its going to happen. So I will accept this milestone and believe it to be one of the most prominent and exceptional moments in my life. So fifty, bring it on. I’m ready. 

Oh, and the number one reason why 50 is going to rock?    

1: Did I mention that I’m turning 50 before my hubby?  I am and always will be his cougar. Rawr!

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