Permission To Do It All

How do you have enough hours in the day? Do you EVER see your kids? You’re adding another thing to your list? These are all common questions in my life. All. The. Time. And the answers are, “I don’t,” “Yes,” and “Yes.” Here’s the thing. I like doing things. A lot of things. And I’m not […]

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Vulnerability and Authenticity

Soon after becoming a mom, I started writing again, but at the time, my blog was nothing more than a personal journal. Despite never sharing the content with anyone, I used the short-lived project to document the new, sensational morphing of my identity. Armed with a phone during 2am feedings allowed the generation of a seemingly neverending list of topics to come […]

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The Day I Cried Over a Car

We’ve had our Honda Pilot for eight years. It has been an extremely reliable car requiring no major or unexpected maintenance. I enjoy driving it and it meets the needs of our four-person family. I love my Pilot, but alas it’s getting older and nearing the 100,000-mile mark. So after the last oil change a […]

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