10 Things About the Mayo Hospital

Duluth is fortunate to have some great great great medical care! We love our local doctors and support staff. But we have someone who has doctors also at Mayo Hospital in Rochester. We are still learning about it all, but here are some of the major things that will make any visit so much easier!

10 Things About the Mayo Hospital | Duluth Moms BlogWhen you are scheduled at 7 am, you can take photos of the Children’s waiting room without being creepy!

10. Wear clothing like you are going to the airport.  

Comfortable, easy to sit in, and shoes you can walk around in. Also, pack a sweatshirt- some areas are super air conditioned. 

9. Pack as light as possible- you will walk a lot! Strollers are our BFF.

Also, you will not be able to focus on much, so you wont really need those 5 books or the giant stack of work papers. Think small steps. 

8. People who work there are amazingly nice.  Seriously.

If you are lost or confused, we witnessed any level employee willing to help! Plus, their orientation must be super intense to learn everything, but also to be kind about it!

7. Keep the fancy schedule they print out with you!

The paper schedule is our life saver.  I always ask for it to be mailed, because I like to know the 100 different areas we may be sent to. 

6. Memorize your Mayo ID number (or your child’s). Trust me, it wont take long to memorize it when everyone asks for it 500 times per day. 

5. The Subway is a magical tunnel of food, gift shops and coffee.  

Helps burn off time, and gives you sweet relief of sweet coffee. Yes, there is a Caribou!!

4. Check out the parking details.

If you are going to be there for several days, a multi day pass may be more cost efficient. Also, call ahead and see which ramps are better located.  

3. Call ahead for hotel rates. Better yet, if you know someone who lives there, you may be able to stay with them.

Calling local hotels there using the phrase “medical rate” helps.  If you are having a big issue with your child, Ronald McDonald House is also close by.

2. Be patient.  Things happen, and appointments get moved around.

However, they are super good about it, and you know something big must be happening to someone else. I’ve seen a lot of people extend a lot of grace.  It’s a team mentality- you root for the stranger next to you.

1. The pediatric wing in Mayo is SO COOL. I almost want to be a kid there!  I mean, not really, because, you know, sickness… but they do make an effort to make the waiting area great, and truly, I couldn’t tell you the last time I even heard a kid cry! Movies, free books, and super cool designs.  Well done!

10 Things About the Mayo Hospital | Duluth Moms BlogThe kid and I love to look at the ceiling!

So we go monthly to Mayo, and sometimes more if we have some issues.  We are new to it all, but these are all things that have helped us keep cool and calm. We always bring a few phone chargers, a notebook, and dress the kid in easy clothes. There are so many things that can be happening if you have to bring your kid there, and these simple “heads up” are meant to take a little load off. 

10 Things About the Mayo Hospital | Duluth Moms BlogMore waiting room fun!

Do you have any tips momma’s who’ve gone to appointments there? Let me know what I’ve missed- there’s tons more! Off site restaurants, green space, and other interesting facts about Mayo! 

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  1. Jayne June 22, 2017 at 6:26 am #

    Coconut cake! Go to Canadian Honker for the coconut cake. I’ve been dreaming about it for years. Bring me back a piece.

    • Alyssa
      Alyssa July 2, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

      YUM! We go back in a few weeks, it’s happening- cake! Thanks for the tip!