{Sponsored Post} Getting Organized with Northland Custom Closet & Garage

This post was sponsored by Northland Custom Closet & Garage, but the opinions shared are all my own.

On a warm, sunny, perfect-as-only-Duluth-can-be day about three years back, my husband, my young daughter, and I moved into our first home. Since then, we’ve added another babe to the family, and all of our stuff–perfectly packed and organized on that little U-Haul–has now multiplied and taken over the entire house. Turns out that what once seemed like such a large home to fill wasn’t so hard to fill after all.

Getting Organized with Northland Custom Closet & Garage | Duluth Moms Blog

True, what takes up most of the space in our rooms is a combination of LEGO bricks, stale Goldfish crackers, and dust, but our closets, garage, and other storage spaces are also crammed with the sorts of things that make living fun: a billion and one Target purchases, bikes and sporting goods, and stuffed animals. (There are so many stuffed animals.)

Every few weeks or so, I get motivated to organize; I set aside things for donation, rotate out the girls’ toys, and clean drawers and closets. Despite my efforts to slow them down, my kids keep growing, and it feels like I can never keep up with their clothing needs. Part of the problem is that everything is crammed in the same few drawers and bins and I can never find what I’m looking for. I can try and separate and label items all I want, but every home has its limited amount of space to stash Pottery Barn wicker baskets.

What I need is a complete overhaul. I want someone to come into my home, look at the spaces I have, and expertly know how to utilize them to their fullest potential. I’m lusting after a gorgeous closet makeover by Northland Custom Closet & Garage (take note for my birthday, husband!). The company’s owners, father and son duo Doug and Sam Heiken, have been thrilling Northland families with beautiful, functional, and expertly crafted organizational systems for decades. Doug has been a general contractor for over 30 years, and Sam grew up learning his father’s trade. He and his wife have returned from Oregon so Sam could help grow the business.

Getting Organized with Northland Custom Closet & Garage | Duluth Moms Blog

I aim to have Doug and Sam come into my home–they give free design consultations!–and mock up something for my girls’ rooms. Our house is on the older side, built in 1923, so the closets aren’t nearly as big as the closets built in more modern homes. They’re like deep, narrow caves, and while that makes them fun for pretending Narnia is accessible once you finally reach their furthest recesses, it’s less fun when I’m frantically trying to find a particular jumper with apples on it as a two-year-old begins her meltdown.

If the sky was the limit, I’d have them take a peek at my own closet, too. Oh, and my pantry! My husband would probably shuffle the duo out to the garage to pick their brains about where they’d envision nestling a new workbench. Northland Custom Closet & Garage will work with just about any space you can throw at them, be it to design organizational systems as you build your new home, or plan to utilize the closets and corners you already have. Feel like treating yourself? How amazing would it be to have a personally designed crafting wall with shelving, drawers, and wall cupboards to hold all of your creative materials and art supplies?

Getting Organized with Northland Custom Closet & Garage | Duluth Moms Blog

Perhaps in my younger days, I day dreamed of spending hard earned money on a new car, or a vacation overseas, but in my quest to feel happy and relaxed in my home, that dream has shifted to thoughts of a streamlined laundry room–a thing of beauty with countertops for folding and cupboards for storing all of my Mrs. Meyers peony soaps (because every mom knows you have to stock up on the limited edition scents!). Doug and Sam can turn that dream into a plan of action.

Don’t get me wrong, I still pine away for travel, but I’m also pragmatic enough to know that an organized home, like the one I can create with the help of Northland Custom Closet & Garage, will benefit my entire family. It’ll add value to our home, give us functional spaces that we’re proud of, and maybe even prevent us from stepping on LEGO blocks every day.

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